Securities News: Issue 2, May 2012

Hagens Berman Launches New Securities Website

Hagens Berman has launched a new website devoted to its securities practice.

The new site, which is located at, offers new tools to both institutional and individual investors who are concerned about the impact of securities fraud on their portfolios.

It also features a more focused experience. “We decided that the best way to serve our clients was to create a standalone platform exclusively focused on securities law,” said Hagens Berman partner Reed R. Kathrein. “By focusing our efforts, we have created a streamlined process for investors to learn about our work.”

The new site includes all of the features currently available on the main Hagens Berman site, including the ability to contact attorneys about individual cases or potential new claims. Access to a robust portfolio monitoring system is also available, giving institutional investors the ability to track potential risks stemming from securities fraud.

New features include a new cutting-edge interface which the firm hopes will increase user navigability and accessibility. “The new site was built with the latest design practices in mind, and will be much more intuitive to use,” said Mr. Kathrein. “Our main goal was to make it as easy as possible for both institutional and individual investors to navigate the site and determine whether we might be the appropriate choice for counsel on a securities matter.”

Hagens Berman’s securities team represents both institutional and individual investors in securities litigation under the Securities Exchange Act. The firm also represents groups of investors in class-action litigation.

Hagens Berman attorneys have negotiated fair settlements or received favorable verdicts in litigation against some of the largest companies in the world. They also strive to return to investors a greater share of their losses than many other firms.

The new site is the second new website Hagens Berman has launched this year. The first, was launched in early February. That site serves as a platform for the firm’s whistleblower practice, which has continued to expand following the creation of several new whistleblower programs as part of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Bill.

Hagens Berman will consider cases under the SEC’s program as it expands. “We encourage individuals with information regarding securities fraud to come forward,” said Mr. Kathrein. “The SEC’s new whistleblower program provides rewards for whistleblowers in large cases, totaling as much as 30 percent of funds recovered by the government as a result of an enforcement action.” You can visit the firm’s new securities website at